A feature length documentary filmed over the course of 10 years.


Retelling the story of the War in Vietnam in a way that shows

the historical is personal.


“After Saigon collapsed, I had a lot of bad experiences in my life. Then when I came here, many years after that, I still had a lot bad dreams. Just like your brain rewind back bad stuff when you sleep.”

- Tot, the main protagonist of “Mai American.”

“The 50th anniversary of the end of the War in Vietnam is approaching in 2025. As Vietnamese Americans, we occupy a unique space and authority to tell the story about this conflict.”

- Kevin Truong, director of “Mai American.”

An American refugee story. 

A 70-year-old Vietnamese American refugee living in Oregon confronts the traumas of her past. As she shares her story with her filmmaker son, she is led down an emotional journey of healing that takes them both to a country she hadn’t seen since fleeing as a young woman.

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